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Prams for special tasks

Bumpy and winding paths in the charming scenery of the mountain landscape, uneven sidewalks in the hustle and bustle of the big, crowded city, a family afternoon walk on the beach or simply a weekend shopping at the mall between alleys - regardless of location and terrain, Spectra GO will work in all conditions.

This is the reason why our flagship slogan is a kind of statement that it is a pram for special tasks. The application of modern and unique solutions in the field of production technology, precise systems supporting maneuverability and smooth ride, as well as the intuitive mechanisms of adaptation (adaptive intuitive system - IAS) significantly affect drivability, but above all, the comfort and safety of your child.
Suspension system (shock absorbtion system -SAS), the locking system of the front wheels to the drive straight ahead (front wheel locking system - FWLS), central locking brake (central breaking system - CBS), a fully integrated adjusting system of: backrest (backrest adjusting system -base ), handle (pushing handle adjusting system - PHAS), safety belt (seat-belt adjusting system - SBAS), a mechanism for quick folding of a pram frame (quick chassis folding system - QCFS) or remove of the wheel with one button (one click wheel removal system) are unquestionable advantages, which significantly affect the level of satisfaction, convenience and comfort of use.

Versatility, reliability, robustness and functionality are just some of the characteristics of our products.With full attention to detail, maximum commitment and responsibility, we create unique prams for active and demanding parents, and our overriding aim is the safety and comfort of the child.
Ergonomic finishing made of the highest quality materials, soft and luxurious fabrics, spacious and comfortable interior with a ventilation system, carefully selected details and remarkable accessories, complementing the unique character, and rich palette of color combined with impressive design and careful execution, will satisfy various tastes and allow to stand out from the crowd with elegance, class and originality.

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