Babyworld Prometheus

Babyworld Prometheus

The pram, named Prometheus, is a combination of sophisticated minimalism and functionality so popular in the 21st century. Made of high quality material in combination with eco-leather, this model is not only elegant but also modern. A backpack that, depending on preferences, can be turned into a bag, is an exclusive accessory that perfectly complements the image of a modern mother.

The dimensions and the weight

The dimensions and the weight


compact alu structure

adjustable handle covered with material
so called eco-leather

four wheels inflatable or tubeless

front wheels turnable

there is a brake to prevent rolling forward

suspension with adjustable shockabsorber

the bed compartment with possibility of cradle

adjustable head rest in the bed

the upper booth with air ventilation system in case
of so called deep model

strolling seat placed in front position

strolling seat placed in back position

adjustable and detachable handle

5 point seat safety belts

multi position adjustibale back rest and foot rest

backpack turnable into the bag

rain cover

mosquito net

central brak for back wheels

large shopping bag with locking cover

central rear-wheel brake

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